A History of a Family


That’s a story about passion, family and handicraft. That’s Silvano Sassetti’s story. It was born into deep desire and strong passion. It has its roots in the extraordinary humus of Marches. A region which is devoted to shoes tradition from the ancient times. In this context, the Sassetti shoe-factory was born in a house from Monte San Pietrangeli. In 1977, Silvano together with his brother Fiore, gived birth to a tradition extremely impregnated with leather smell, which the factory bore witness to. Fiore looked after the commercial tasks, the interaction with customers that were more and more addicted to the Silvano’s creations. In 1996, the two brothers decided to split their paths – anyway they kept getting on- to make their own experiences.

Being entrepreneur of himself, without betraying its artisan soul: that was Silvano’s new mission, after the separation from his brother. For the first time, he had to turn into a promoter of his creations, together with his partner of life and professional adventures, his wife. His talent had been confirmed through the appreciation of the biggest luxury brands, wherewith he started collaborating soon. The production for third parties was followed by the creation of his own brand  at the beginning. When Andrea and Emanuele, Silvano’s sons, started working for the agency, because of the passion inherited from their father, they hardly believed in the brand value and in the perfect combination of handicraft, know-how and experimentation (that were and are still proper elements of their products).

Andrea and Emanuele’s intuition and passion allow the Sassetti shoe-factory to become one of the most important and appreciated agencies of the area in our country (at present, there’s a branch in Monte San Pietrangeli, surrounded by greenery, and a showroom in Milan). It’s an emblem of Made in Italy and Italian handicraft, which are really cherished in the whole world.