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If it is true that a classy man and woman can be recognised by the shoes they wear, it is also true that a shoe needs to be clean and polished to make a difference. This is why it is necessary to take care of your shoes every day, with simple gestures that are as old as rituals. A series of unwritten rules, handed down from parent to child, which Silvano Sassetti has summed up in a series of clear, essential steps that allow us to keep our shoes looking good over time.

Leather shoes are maintained in three stages.

1) First of all it is necessary to remove dust and dirt, using a soft cloth soaked in water and a few drops of vinegar. This natural recipe is able to clean and remove even the most stubborn and difficult to remove stains.

2) After having "degreased" the shoe it is necessary to apply the cream, with circular movements starting from the edges and then on the rest of the shoe, without forgetting the welts. It is important to use classic creams which are spread evenly with wool cloths, woollen cotton cloths or old T-shirts. This step is essential, as creams not only restore the colour of the leather, but also nourish and soften it, preserving it from wear and tear so that it remains beautiful for as long as possible, without cracking or splitting. As far as colours are concerned, use creams in the same shade as the shoe. Neutral cream, in fact, in shoemaker jargon, "washes away the colour", so in the long run, the tone would tend to fade and lose its brightness.

3) Polishing is no less important. It is advisable to apply the cream the night before, allow it to dry overnight and then polish the next morning using circular movements. If you don't have time, it will be sufficient to apply the cream half an hour before use, then wipe off any excess and polish.

One last piece of advice: whenever possible, alternate the use of shoes. Leather shoes absorb moisture from the body and therefore need to be away from the foot to dry. When this is not possible, it is advisable to fill them with newspaper sheets once the shoes have been removed, which retain their shape and absorb moisture.

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